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Aug 31, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. they want to discuss repatriating the remains of japanese who have died in what is now north korea around the end of world war ii. and they hope security issues including nuclear and missile development will be up for discussion. back in japan, relatives of the abductees have followed it closely. >> translator: i don't notice to what extent the new leadership will accept japan's request to address the issue. i feel a mix of hope and concern. i want the japanese government to state clearly that japan will not establish diplomatic relations with north korea until the abductions issue is fully resolved. i expect the officials to negotiate the return of all abductees still held in north korea north korea. >>> we have seen what appears to be a slight thaw in relations between japan and north korea. earlier i talked with hirok hiroki ujima. hirokii. first they extend their talks but one day. what is your take on the past few days? >> i think the talks with fruitful for both companies. an official said they want to discuss a wide range of issues. there has been no focus or even the chance to --
Sep 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >>> north korea has refused an offer of emergency relief supplies from south korea. much of the north was inundated this summer after torrential rains and a typhoon caused widespread flooding and damage. there was also loss of life. more than 500 people were killed or remain missing. north korea informed the south about the refusal on wednesday. south korea's unification ministry had offered emergency supplies worth about $9 million. they included 10,000 tons of wheat and 3 million packages of instant noodles. north korea said in a statement it does not need the assistance. it said it wasn't satisfied with the items. north korea refused an aid offer from the south after a similar disaster last year due to dissatisfaction with the offered items. south korea apparently hoped to use the aid to initiate dialogue with the north and improve relations, but there now seems to be no such prospect after the refusal by the north. >>> people in japan are working to find closure on an issue that dates back to world war ii. thousands of japanese died in what is now north korea. but more than half o
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
energy sources. >>> it's hard for the world to really understand what's going on inside north korea. the regime tightly controls its people and the flow of information. but once in a while, outsiders get a snapshot of life in this reclusive nation. an nhk crew just returned from there, and for the first time since kim jong-un took charge last december, we were able to head out into the countryside. our coverage, though, starts in the capital of pyongyang. bright lights illuminate main streets at night. the image runs counter to the common belief that north korea suffers from energy shortages. big towers have popped up in pyongyang. crews are working to construct more buildings. despite all the new, people still enjoy the old. many visit the city's most famous cold noodle restaurant. >> translator: i have not eaten every type of food around the world, but i believe nothing could compare to this cold noodle. >> even an informal interview about food is rare here. north korean authorities usually keep citizens from communicating with foreign media. outside the capital, we found north ko
Sep 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
north korea. more than half of their remains have not been repatriated. so a crew has been flown to inspect burial sites in an effort to move things forward. >> reporter: this man is 83. he's leading a civilian group of japanese expatriots from the korenian peninsula. i'm in a corn field and it's a five-hour drive. last year the north korean authorities discovered some remains of japanese people who di died in world war ii. an excavation covered the remains of one person. a coinated 1941 was also unearthed. masaki is convinced that there are more japanese remains here. >> translator: i waited for this opportunity for a long time. my wish has finally been fulfilled. we will remember the victims and offer prayers for them. i pray that you all may rest in peace. japanese -- could hardly take anything with them. about 20,000 are believed to still be buried in north korea. some japanese families want to visit the site and repatriate the remains of their relatives. yashushi is 80 now, he and his family returned to japan from north korea when the soviets invaded. caramula was 13 years o
Sep 14, 2012 7:30am EDT
. anthony yazaki, nhk world in washington. >>> north korea has established a new administrative bureau in charge of amusement parks. political analysts say the move as an attempt to cast kim jong-un as a benevolent leader. the newspaper is published by the pro-pyongyang general association of korean residents in japan and reported the news thursday. the newspaper says the bureau was set up in may to instruct workers and maintain amusement parks in the country. the bureau plan to introduce new attractions and build additional entertainment facilities. the latest news report explained the expansion and operation of amusement parks is a national undertaking promoted by supreme leader kim jong-un. in may, a story was run showing kim inspecting an amusement park. after discovering its subpar maintenance he became angry and ordered repairs on the spot. state media also reported that in july, kim and his wife attended the opening ceremony of an amusement park in pyongyang and sampled the rides. >>> the regime tightly controls its people and the flow of information. once in a while, outsiders
Sep 7, 2012 6:00am PDT
, including 16 ethnic minorities. south korea has extended an olive branch to north korea in the hopes of opening up dialogue. the country's unification minister says he has opened talks to discuss relief aid for flood damage in the north. he told parliament that officials from the south korean red cross asked north korea to hold working level red cross talks. north korea's state-run media reports that about 500 people died or remain missing as a result of floods caused by heavy rains in june and july. the media also reports that a typhoon last month destroyed about 45,000 hectares of farm land. north korea has recently been increasing its criticism of south korean president lee myung-bak. analysts in seoul say they hope to resume talks through the aid talks. north korea has not yet responded to the request. >>> the latest exercise by south korean security forces is expected to further inflame a diplomatic dispute with japan. soldiers and police are taking part in a drill around takeshima islands in the south china sea. the japanese government claims sovereignty over the islands. south
Sep 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >>> north korea disclosed burial sites that may contain the remains of japanese who died around the end of world war ii. north korea has been showing the burial sites to a japanese group preparing to repatriate the remains. japanese media have been allowed to accompany the group. the group was led to a recently discovered site. they were also brought to nearby cities in the eastern part of the country on the sea of japan coast. about 1,500 japanese are said to have died in a town in the province of hamgyong-namdo. the japanese contingent offered incense and prayers. >> translator: when we go back to japan, we'd like to tell the bereaved families what we saw at the burial site. >> it's unusual for north korea to allow foreign media into areas along the sea of japan. life in the region is much harder than in pyongyang. north korea's disclosure of the burial site underscores its eagerness to improve ties with japan. >>> south korea estimates a significant drop in north korea's grain harvest this year. the forecast is raising fears the north could face a desperate food situation. south kore
Sep 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
of japanese citizens abducted by north korea have held a rally to renew their calls for the government to work harder to bring they loved ones back. the event was held in tokyo on sunday to mark ten years since north korea admitted to the abductions. >> translator: we have spent the last ten years waiting for our loved ones to return home. this year can be crucial. i hope we can make the best of this opportunity. >> the leader of the family's group asked the government to drop a strategy to deal with the north and make progress on the issue. about 2,000 people took part in the rally. yoshihiko noda gave a speech. >> translator: we will seek every possible way to illicit reactions on north korea so all the abductees can return home safely. >> the group asked more than 9 million people to sign a petition. the members handed a list of the names to noda. former abductee says time is running out. she says she hopes the others can be reunited with their families soon. she is one of the five japanese who returned home shortly after the north admitted to the abductions. yokota says she will not die un
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am PDT
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Sep 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
think that will inevitably have a positive impact on society. you asked about north korea, i think it's intriguing what's happening there. powerful mobile networks in china now can reach almost pyongyang and people are risking life and limb now struggling. this smuggling mobile hand sets across the border from china in to north korea and, you know, the evidence is that it's disrupting the information environment somewhat in north korea. now, i don't think that a revolution is going to spring up there any time soon. it's going to be interesting to observe what changes, if any, take place because of a little bit of connectedness and historically blacked out country. >> host: how much time do you spend on the issue of cybersecurity in your work and policy? >> guest: i spend relatively little on both of those. the area of cybersecurity is so big that we have other folks that have at the state department focusing on it. to the extend i've engaging on it has been to ensure whatever cybersecurity policies are under consideration in the administration, in congress, do not undermine free expre
Sep 1, 2012 6:30pm EDT
in quite low internet penetration nations like myanmar or even north korea? >> i do not know what the impact of the internet was on having myanmar list its media restrictions -- lift its media restrictions. while this was a very positive step forward, part of what we would like to see at the state department is for them also to eradicate their censorship board. the changes in myanmar are ones that we feel very good about, but we are trying to temper the enthusiasm, recognizing that there is a long way to go. i do think that as myanmar brings the internet into its country and it is taking steps to do that, i think that it will inevitably have a very positive impact on society. you asked about north korea. i think it is very intriguing what is happening there. powerful mobile networks in china now can reach almost p'yongyang, and people are risking life and limb now struggling -- smuggling mobile handsets across the border from china into north korea. the evidence is that it is disrupting the information environment somewhat in north korea. i do not think that a revolution will spri
Sep 9, 2012 4:00pm EDT
't know. it during much better the mockery of. north korea might have to go back. the case with the iranians, success. that comes down to militarizing your warhead enough so it will fit inside a missile nose cone or in a bomb that's not too heavy carried by aircraft. if you really advance, inside an artillery shell. what we've been talking about since september 11, hasn't the whole focus been what's been called aggressive lot of bad usage, the in conventional threat. unorthodox to nontraditional be little more precise. you don't conflate conventional coal lessons. the shipping container, the bomb inside a van. that bond does not have to be a well designed device. compact and advanced enough to fit inside a missile warhead. it can be accrued can trigger device that we didn't even test as we knew will work. south africa built a half-dozen of them in the 80's you put that inside a van. he said it off. you put in a shipping container and @booktv off in the port. so why are we looking, talk about iran, weapons capability when a device, and device is used to indicate something th
Sep 16, 2012 12:30am EDT
to put this on yet, and that's true. we don't know that the lockertree is doing better than north korea. north korea may have to go back to rocket camp, which does not disstress me in the slightest, and in the case, however, the iranians, they are having pretty good success, and that comes down to miniaturizing your warhead enough to it'll fit inside a missile nose, a bomb, not too heavy to be carried by an aircraft, or if you are really advanced, as a small number of nations are, inside an artillery shell to use in tactical battlefield. what have we been talking about since 9/11? the focus has been called aggression law of the unconventional threat. you can say "unorthodox" or "nontraditional" so you don't conflate traditional with nuclear weapons. it's the bomb in a shipping container. it's a bomb in a van. it does not have to be a well-designed device that can fit in a missile warhead. it can be a crude gun trigger device that we didn't test because we know it would work. south africa built them in the 1980s. they never tested it. they know they work. you put that inside a van, and y
Sep 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
korea. north korea they have to go back to rocket can't, which is not distressing in the slightest. in the case, however, the iranians they're having pretty good success. and that comes down to miniaturizing your warhead enough so it will fit inside a missile nosecone or any bomb that is not too heavy to be carried by an aircraft, or if you really advanced, a small number of nations are, inside an artillery shell your you can attack on the battlefield. but what have we been talking about since 9/11? hasn't the whole focus been what has been called an and a questis law of bad usage, the unconventional threats. issued state funds orthodox or nontraditional would be more a little more precise. is the bomb in a shipping container? it's the bomb inside a van. that bomb does not have to be a well-designed device that is compact and advanced enough to sit inside a missile warhead. it can be a crude device of the erosion of on tight but we didn't test because we knew it would work. south africa built a half dozen of them in the '80s. they never tested them. they know those things work. and
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
on this issue and for their work in supporting the plight of north korean refugees. despite north korea's efforts to appear, quote, strong and prosperous, end quote, this year, to celebrate the 100th birth tchife country's founder, vast numbers of its people live in dire conditions. sadly, the north korean regime's misguided priorities, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into its so-called space program, its nuclear program, and its massive military, only underscore its coldhearted callousness and blatant disregard for its own sints. thousands of north korean children do and were threatened with starvation disease. many children that have fled the north are in hiding and live in mortal fear of being sent to north korea where they would face severe punishment and death. as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world, the united states must do all it can to help these vulnerable and destitute children. that's why i'm proud to be a co-sponsor of mr. royce's legislation, h.r. 1464, the north korea refugee adoption act. this bill calls on the secretaries of state and homeland security to
Sep 20, 2012 6:00am PDT
resolve to rho text china's sovereignty. >>> north korea on thursday strongly criticized a u.s. plan to deploy another early warning radar system in japan to counter possible missile threats from the north. japan already has one powerful x-band radar system in place. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta disclosed the deployment plan in tokyo on monday after meeting with his japanese counterpart satoshi morimoto. north korea's foreign ministry said in a statement that the step would only add to tensions and fuel a race for military expansion. the statement went on to stress the north would continue to further its nuclear program. the statement said it's only natural for the country strengthen its nuclear deterrent in the face of an arms buildup by the united states, which has the world's largest nuclear arsenal. >>> there's a new alert on global warming. researchers using satellite data say arctic sea ice coverage has shrunk to a record low. they say the ice is shrinking faster thanredicted and could have a grave impact on the world's climate. scientists from nasa and the university of
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
for hard labor during world war ii. last month, japan restarted talks with north korea for the first time in four years. japanese officials say they want to discuss the abductions of their citizens in higher-level negotiations. north korean state-run media discussed the abductions on monday last week. the day marked ten years since the north admitted to abducting japanese citizens. the media said the issue has already been resolved and the latest commentary makes no mention of the abductions. >>> research indicates 100,000 people in japan face identity gender disorder, or gid. they have the mind of a woman in the body of a man or vice versa. many children in adolescence with mismatched gender struggle at school where activities are often divided by gender. most schools haven't fully recognized the situation. but the courage of one teenage boy convinced his school to change its attitude. nhk world's mayuki takoi has more. >> reporter: he may look like a typical high school boy, but physically he's female. >> translator: i attend physical training classes as a boy, and i use men's toilets.
Sep 3, 2012 4:30am PDT
of the isolated countries in the world is participating for the first time. that being north korea. it's only represented by a 16-year-old swim here plans to compete tomorrow. the teen didn't know how to swim a few months ago. earlier the country was given a provisional membership to the games board. human rights activists have claimed the inhumane treatment of the disabled in north korea, they say many are sent to detention camps or forced to live in isolation. >> 4:55. a year after being placed on probation for drawing too many the burning man festival wraps up. officials say the festival's peek attendance was 52,300 on friday. that's down almost 2% from last year and well under the daily cap of 60,900. the agency placed organizers on probation and threatened to pull their license for exceeding the limit at last year's festival. >> along with labor day, today is the last day to ride the hurricane roller coaster on the board walk. the ride will be dismantled and shipped down to a park in new mexico. all of the screams go with it. replacing it a new roller coaster. the attraction is a spinnin
Sep 19, 2012 7:30am EDT
myanmar still detains political prize is ne prisoners and has military ties with north korea. >> further reforms are required to strengthen the rule of law, increase transparency and address constitutional challenges. >> suu kyi will visit seven cities and reach out to myanmar nationals living in exile. >>> scientists from japan and the united states launched a project in the state of new mexi mexico. [ applause ] >> japan's energy and industrial technology development organization and the new mexico government are collaborating on the experiment in los alamos. smart grid hopes to balance, sa ply and demand of electricity with renewable energy sources. in the project. 2,000 household are connected to power line networks that deliver electricty. the system can choose the cheapest available energy. this include solar and electricity stored at night. the system can also source power from batteries even during electrical outages caused by lightning or tornados. >> i hope we can work together with the united states, the leading country in this field, to prove the stability of the system. >> t
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
this is a regime which is intent on becoming nuclear. we have seen north korea, probably one of the poorest countries in the world. people are starving to death. yet, they went nuclear. iran has a quiet -- has acquired nuclear weapons, not the way north korea has. north korea has acquired nuclear weapons out of desperation. iran is seeking them out of aspiration to rule the muslim and the arab world. they will not give up unless they are made to understand that if they continue in this quest, they will pay a very high price and not just diplomatally, but millitarily. this is why the prime minister has drawn that line. i hope that the president will understand this, especially in view of what you have just shown. and the whole region, you know, up in flames. we are a villa in the jungle. israel is your only ally in the region, your only friend in the region, the only country you can always depend on. so therefore, listen very careful to what the president of iran says and take it very seriously and listen very careful three benjamin netanyahu and take it seriously. >> jamie: so you think tha
Sep 14, 2012 1:00am PDT
's the same kind of mentality you have in north korea, by the way. it's not just in the middle east. it's something that is indicative when you have a totalitarian regime. i was in north korea and i spoke to the miners we worked with and they were convinced that american schoolchildren every day wake up plotting how to bring down north korea and when i told them that is really just not the case, people in the u.s. don't wake up every morning trying to think how they can undermine the people of north korea, they just didn't believe me. and that's a problem. we we have this mindset that's been imposed on a region for a long time and they need education, they need more free thinking and they need to break out of that conspiracy theory. >> richard, in terms of the scenes behind you and what we've been able to see tonight in terms of footage from cairo, what can you tell us about the intensity of what's going on there and the change in the response from the egyptian authorities that you described in that report that we just aired that. >> reporter: when the protest first broke out here, and
FOX Business
Sep 23, 2012 2:00am EDT
it in north korea and south africa and cutting off the west bank and the gaza strip and done if with honduras in 2009 and ith the sudan. i think the muslim brotherhood is a long-term event and al-qaida influences. we don't know if our tax money is going to ours and intelligence officials tell me they would support cutting off pakistan as well and the cheap yest best way to do is it is to u.s. companies to stop doing business with pakistan. >> victoria, is there any possibility that the money is going to terrorist who are there killing our ambassadors. shouldn't we cut it off and better to be safe than sorry? >> i think no doubt the money is going to terrorist. but it is not track there is no accountable in foreign aid. can can we need to spread democracy in the middle east. if you cut off nw you will see the real rise to al-qaida and that is a threat to our national security and don't throw it off. instead of weak commitments from the government leaders, let's hold them accountable. >> that is specifically what senator rand paul is saying. first we must demand accountability. and before we gi
Sep 2, 2012 6:30pm EDT
for mass weddings. he was friends with nixon and reagan and softened the arguing with north korea. >>> it was supposed to go up and down and zigzag. something went wrong. we'll take you to an air show in iowa. the crowd would not believe what they saw in the sky. >>> checkered flag on the baltimore grandprix . >> we have isolated showers and storms. isaac is impacting our forecast. that's next. >>> crowd was about to see an air jet perform a complicated maneuver with two other planes. they were to switch in midair and pass inches apart. john miller shows us how this iowa air show turned deadly. >> reporter: three jets in tight formation flew over the crowd at the iowa air show. it is a beautiful sight but in a matter of seconds it all went horribly wrong. ending in a fiery crash full of labor day spectators. pilots went in complicated maneuvers switching places in midair. one of the pilots lost control and dove nose down. >> i was instantly in tears. i knew more than likely he did not survive. >> reporter: in a nearby alpha fa field the smoking wreckage of the jet used by a group
Sep 17, 2012 7:00pm PDT
missiles. they want to counter possible missile threats from north korea. a foreign ministry official urging the u.s. to ensure that the installation will not harm the interest of other snanation. russian leaders have criticized the u.s. for expanding miskisil in europe. >>> the civil war in syria is starting to affect people in the golan heights. syrian residents were united in their support for the government of assad but divisions have begun to emerge. >> reporter: arabs are determined to keep their identity as syrians under israeli occupation. they refuse to adopt israeli nationality. many hope that the government will win back control of golan heights from israel. he's a firm supporter of assad. he blames other countries for the fighting in syria. >> translator: what's happening in syria is the result of the united states written in gulf nations. syria is a united nation before they planned the split. >> reporter: a massive rally was held to express with the assad government. he repeated his call for strong support for the government. >> translator: so many people are gathered he
FOX Business
Sep 28, 2012 3:00pm EDT
for liberty and justice for all. liz: i want to get to challenge you are working on. north korea, kim jong and we'll let you in or not yet? >> we don't know. you have to talk to your enemy aid your friends and we don't have to worry about them. we have to deal with what what israel's wiccan get-together have a communication. i had mandela, the peace ambassador. perez appointed me the cheap investor of the middle east. you know the investor they appointed me, you have to bring people together of diverse entities and respect. respect culture, you know what i mean, inclusiveness in dealing with what people think you have to walk in their shoes and then you can talk about peace and make things happen. liz: who would be the boxer in korea? >> i want to make certain he gets an opportunity to prove he can be a mini tyson. they have some great games over there. the games in north korea, to some fantastic domestic work. the world should be able to see that. if we can have a reciprocal situation, two people have done that. working for young kids on up, he is a visionary. the same thing, bringing all
Sep 17, 2012 5:00am PDT
that north korea and the use of these ballistic missiles is a threat to our security. >> for that they have called on other countries to peacefully resolve issues before it leads to violence. >>> well the democracy leader is headed here to san francisco which is part of a 17 day u.s. tour. today they will kickoff the tour and she will be honored in washington d.c. and be presented a highest award which comes from being a political prisoner to a well traveled states woman. after that she will be flying to new york, san francisco and los angeles, she will be touring communities where she lived in the late 1960s. >>> rahm emanuel is seeking a court order to force striking teachers back to the classroom. it comes as teachers start a second week on the picket line. they voted to extend the strike after reviewing the proposed settlement with the district. >>> a father accused of kidnapping his two young children is due back in court tomorrow. he is accused of kidnapping his two and three-year-old kids, stealing a yacht and sailing south for three days. he and the kids were found near monterey. he
Sep 25, 2012 5:00am PDT
-- evacuation orders remain in place. >>> north korea has stopped construction on a new rocket launch bad according to associated press which obtains a new satellite image. heavy rain may possibly be the blame for that construction delay. despite the set-back, they are renovating another launch pad. north korea has been accused of using rocket launches as a cover to test missile systems that could possibly tar kit the u.s. >>> two u.s. marines accused of going to bathroom on fighters in afghan stall will beehive afghan stall will be court martialed. here is a picture. the two marines were charged with other forms of misconduct. three other marines were given administrative punish negligence last month -- punishments last night. >> according to a new report released by the center for security policy, officials say the cuts here would have major impacts on travis air force base. according to the study, san diego county could lose the most. lawmakers are considering an 18% cut to defense spending over the next 10 years. >>> a second suspect has been charged in connection with a fatal shootin
Sep 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
it on yet. that's true. the rocket try is doing better than north korea. it may have go back to rocket try camp. it's not distress me in the slightest. and with the case, however, the iranians they're having good success. and that comes down to miniaturizing your warhead enough so it'll fit inside a missile nose or a bop. it's not too heavy to be carried by an aircraft on or if you're advance a small number of nations or inside an artillery shell for the use on the tactical battle field. what have we been talking about since 9/11? hasn't been the focus been what has been called an aggression law of bad use since the unconventional threat. you should say undorkts and nontraditional is little more precise. is the bomb in the shipping contain ensure it's the bomb inside a van. that bomb does not have to be a well-designed device that is has exact and advanced now have fit inside a mussel warhead. it can be a crude gun trigger device that we didn't test because we knew it would work. south africa built a half dozen of them in the '0eu. they never tested it. you put it inside a van and set it o
Sep 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
risk is the main reason. the political risk in korea is much lower than in january when north korea has power shift. south korea's export driven economy has been hurt by slowing global growth. the south korean government and international monetary fund, both recently cut their forecast for the country's gdp for this year. >> why are the rating agencies confident about south korea's capacity to repay its sovereign debt. >> i think the main point ills the fiscal consolidation. as a result, in 2011. the government debt -- is only 34%. and the government fiscal deficit is only 1.1% of total gdp. which is just about 1/3 of averages. and i think this is why this credit rating agencies are so confident about the capacity of a korean economy to repay its sovereign debt. better debt ratings could make korean bonds look like a safe haven investment, encouraging in flow from overseas, and causing the yuan to appreciate. we asked how all this affects south korea's economy? we are expecting capital inflows and falling appreciation in the near future which may hurt some exporting farms in korea. but
Sep 3, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, iran and north korea now say they're teaming up on technology. could that mean missiles and nuclear weapons? plus, can bill clinton help baumgz when he needs it the most? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." they're getting ready for the opening of the democratic national committee convention nancy pelosi, the former speaker, now the mrnt leader of the house of represents. she's up on the stage with aids and friends. they did this last week at the republican convention as well. the speakers were able to get a feel for the room and arena and hopefully do an effective job speaking. so you see nancy pelosi there right w. we're covering what's going on here in charlotte, north carolina. this is a state president obama narrowly won four years ago. it's certainly a battleground right now. a new poll may give the democrats fresh cause for concern on this, the eve of the big event. let's begin our coverage with john king. john, tell u us about the new poll. >> as you noted, north carolina was one of the m
Sep 2, 2012 3:00pm PDT
, the current president, was a child. now as an adult, north korea's ruler has invited the servant back after 11 years. paula hancocks has the story. >> reporter: this was the reunion after 11 years. kim jong-il's former sushi chef who had fled north korea believing his life was in danger was recently invited back. i jumped up to hug him, he says, shouting comrade general, and instantly burst io tears. he says he use ed to play with m when he was younger, traveling around the world for him to buy exclusive ingredients. since fleeing to japan in 2001, he has written best-selling books about the family. he met the the first lady, the wife the world learned about only a couple of months ago. she is just so charming, he says. i cannot describe her voice. it is so soft.
Sep 3, 2012 7:15am EDT
on society. you asked about north korea. i think it's very intriguing what's happening this. powerful mobile networks in china now can reach almost to pyongyang, and people are risking life and limb now, smuggling mobile handsets across the border from the china into north korea. and, you know, the evidence is that it's disrupting the information environment somewhat in north korea. now, i don't think that a revolution is going to spring up there anytime soon, but what's -- it's going to be interesting to observe what changes, if any, take place because of a little bit of connectedness in historically blacked-out country. >> host: alec ross, how much time do you spend on the issue of cybersecurity in your work and spectrum policy? >> guest: so i spend relatively little on both of those. the area of cybersecurity is so big that we have other folks at the state department focusing on it. you know, to the extent that i've engaged on it, it has been to insure that whatever cybersecurity policies are under consideration in the administration, in congress do not undermine free expression or do not
Sep 27, 2012 11:00am PDT
if you were in the late 1990s and early 2000s we went through the same rhetoric with north korea. it it was unthinkable. the world would go through no effort and they couldn't trust them with a bomb, south korea could be destroyed although the touch the button. president clinton said north korea will never use that bomb, because if they do, it will be the end of north korea. netanyahu is clear about the repur repercussions would be for iran if it continues to pursue enrichment. other than a lot of rhetoric, it's not clear what would happen, if it's already too late. if iran, in fact, does possess or does soon possess a nuclear weapon. >> obviously, you have mr mr. netanyahu referring to mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech earlier before the u.n. the same rhetoric we heard. a call for the destruction and elimination of israel. israel says there's an imminent threat. there's not an agreement in the country to what iran will do and about iran. we have factors put into place here. we're in a general election, and we have governor romney attempting to use the president's words against him re
Sep 25, 2012 4:00am PDT
north korea has stopped construction of a new launch pad for tests of intercontinental range rockets. the work may have been delayed by heavy summer rains, but experts say the north has not mastered the technology to shrink a nuclear weapon to fit on a long range missile. >>> in southern california firefighters found a body in a home destroyed by the wildfire. officials say the elderly man ignored evacuation orders. >>> two staff sergeants are going to be court martialed for urinating on the bodies of taliban fighters last year. three other marines received administrative punishment last month. >>> hospitals around the country are being given a warning not to try to cheat the government through the use of computerized records technology. the justice department and health and human services are focusing on what's called upcoding or raising the severity of a patient's condition to get more money. >>> and it is peak viewing time for a beautiful sight, the northern lights. these spectacular photographs were taken over the past couple of days in yellow knife, canada. doesn't get much bett
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